Sunday, October 18, 2009

I almost drowned!!

I woke up early to surf green harbor yesterday. it was pumping. i duck dove the first wave. got held under by the second for 6 or more seconds. got held under by the third wave for the same duration. got held under by the fourth for the same duration. eat shit green harbor you have shitty waves anyway

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you have like..Bob Marley..or some good music?

The day started out with a text message from dan sayin g to come by the shop around 4 for a shop get together befor a skateboard art show downthe street. Riley and myself swung by and chilled with the crew. They were setting up a tent at the show to promote the shop. so we thot it would be perfect to bring the shop couch and the shop masscott, pickles, wich is a bird.

After being yelled at for entering an art show with no shoes riley and I decided to go bridge jumping down the street, when we got back we invited people out the saquish for a fire

The crew rolled in balls deep with probly 12 or 15 people. One of wich was some girl that was not to stoaked on "being at fire with kids". She was just way to cool for the beach and really killed the vibes. She wanted to "listen to bob marley and smoke reef". well that wasnt the name of the game at alllll she found out so Once she finnaly left the whole mood lightened and things got underway. With some soothing punk rock blasting out of the car speakers, lawn chairs and tables being burnt, we played a little game of red rover over the fire. The night ended with no casualties but only a serious fistfull of buck.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going mad

Monday, June 29, 2009

ITS ME!!!!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Today From Pembroke

Yesterday I saw Maddie, I was skating Muff Park with Ray, John, Kevin Dempsy, and Chris Botsch. She saw us and stopped by. She still bloggs wich is awsome. We then returned to Johns, then Chris and I skated Yellow ledge and a good double sidded curb till 12ish. 
Today I mowed my lawn. Then I went to Plym skatepark to skate by myself and get some me time. Plym park is "close due to vandalism untill further notice". There is no grafitti in the park, and no trash. So I dont know what the vandalism is. However I skated the park and then headed downtown to scope the scene, watch some people, and check the laddies. It was fun. Tomarrow I am off to the city, not sure what part yet, just to go skate some spots solo. It should be a fun day.
I like this guy, hes funny, the first scene thats black and white is from Harvey Spannos, the great Blair Stanley skated it

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday at the Races

I headed to vermont over the weekend for the first race of the 2009 NECC season. On the way up we picked up a new front tire..
And then we  put it on..
My uncle and cousin came to the race and hung out
It was a small turnout compared to most races with about 40 people, this time there were only 27
so I got ready to beat thos 27 people.
and I was off..
and going and going
while I was out racing this guy got his 50ft trailor stuck in the field, it took his truck my dads truck and a side by side to pull it out.
I finaly got back after an hour and a half of the deepest stickiest and slipperiest mud.

I ended up placing second in my class and we headed out with a new trophy.
next race should be fun